When you plan to buy a property, the first thing that most people talk about is location. Ever wonder why location is an important factor in purchasing a property? What kind of factors that you need to take note for a location of the property? Hartamas got you covered! Kindly find following for 5 things you must know for a location:


5 Things You Must Know For A Location

People – Look for the property with a lot of population. When the area was heavily populated, there will be demand for housing and space. Location example like Subang, Klang and Petaling Jaya etc. When there is population, price of property is always increases. For instance, Kampar, they build a University first then only build property. Thus, it drives demand to property and makes people want to buy a property there.


Infrastructure – Infrastructure means things such as road, highway, hospital, school, park and many more. Things that you might need to consider before buy a property.  It will increase demand as well. When people like that area, people will buy the property located there


Connectivity – It can come with many forms such as LRT, MRT and KTM etc. But for me, simple road connectivity is important. Government put a lot of effort on this to allow residents easy to access the roads.


History – What has happened to this location before. For example, major flood, it will cause properties nearby price is not increasing anymore because the buyer will worry it will happen again.


Social – It means the security part like what kind of people who stay there and income range. For example, Subang is surrounded by university, therefore, student is the main crowd, Damansara for white collar people while Klang for blue collar people. However, if you plan to buy a property for investment. Kindly noted that place with family oriented, rental might not work.


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