Most of our customers have queries about what is APDL when they place bookings on their desired properties. It is an approval obtained from the local housing ministry to advertise and start selling their products.


APDL is a short form for Advertising Permit and Developer License. When you saw the property advertise on newspaper, they will include the info at the footer. This is to ensure that the government know what is being launched, price, development details. This is also to protect consumers from being cheated where whatever launch needs to be approved. The developer needs to apply for a license and to actually have permit to advertise as well. So, what is inside this APDL would be the developer’s license. Just in case, if you want to sue the developer that’s the code to sue. It shows validity period, land tenure, project name, expected completion date, minimum and maximum price as well as building plan number.


If you’re familiar with development, so what developers do is after they acquire land, they will develop a design and to ask permission from the local authorities to develop. The local council will actually give permission by reviewing their submissions of drawing and issue them a development order.  Developers are required to submit building plans. During plans to be approved, you need to go through against approximately 16 different authorities (we not very sure) but when you go through the fire safety department, landscape department, building department to ensure all of the require specifications in the buildings are fulfilled.


After all the specifications are being reviewed and approved, there will be an approval of building plans (short form ABP).  After being approved then only the developers has the authority to apply for APDL and after you received the APDL only you can start selling. Most of the development now, they are using this called “pre-booking” stage or “pre-launch” to actually entice people to book earlier. What they will do is they provide you a lot of rebates or discounts to actually attract you to find out more about a project.



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