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How good management can enhance property values
by Christopher Chan

MANAGEMENT MATTERS: Chris cites real life examples of how two condominiums experienced good price appreciation after a change in management

The concept of living in a strata property with a shared common property goes back far into history. The word ‘condominium’ originated during the Roman times. This subject matter has been given more prominence particularly of late as more and more developers build this particular type of property and as a result, more people are moving in to inhabit these buildings. Read More…

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Of watery tales, night markets and God
By Christopher Chan

DUE DILIGENCE: A key due diligence often forgotten by many buyers is to always observe a property from all angles and in all seasons

Stories abound of how buyers walked right into hidden aspects of their properties – right after they bought them, thus incurring massive losses. These real-life tales illustrate how a little due diligence goes a long way towards avoiding that kind of mistake. Read more…


Sailing in A Blue Ocean
by Christopher Chan

In the highly-competitive world of real estate business, one must not simply rely on existing competition to achieve profit as greater growth prospects can actually be achieved by creating new demand in uncontested markets. This is otherwise called the Blue Ocean Strategy Read More...


How to extend your lease for leasehold properties
by Christopher Chan

The extension of leases for leasehold properties is governed under section 197 of the National Land Code (Act 56 of 1965) pertaining to the applications for approval of surrender of the whole of the land, as well as the land rules of the various states.Read More...


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