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Privacy Notice

Hartamas Group of Companies' associates, jointly controlled entities and affiliates (collectively, "Group"), respects the privacy of individuals with regard to personal data. This Privacy Notice is formulated in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 ("Act"). For the purpose of this Privacy Notice, "Personal Data" shall have the meaning as ascribed to it in the Act. For the purposes of this Privacy Notice, "we", "our" or "us" shall refer to any of the companies within the Group and "you" shall refer to yourself and such other persons or companies represented by you of which you are providing the Personal Data.

1.    The Personal Data about you may include information such as your name, contact details, address, gender, race, nationality, occupation or profession, date of birth, email address and property details.

2.    Your Personal Data are collected from various sources including but not limited to:
a)    information from attendance at property launch events;
b)    information input submitted to online facilities such as search tools and calculators; and
c)    information from third parties including referral. 


1.    By providing any of your Personal Data to the Group you hereby agree that the Group shall collect, retain and use your Personal Data for the following purposes:

a)    carrying out and/or discharging our contractual obligations including but not limited to delivery of vacant possession,
       key handover, property/estate management, customer care and customer loyalty programmes; and/or
d)    where relevant, marketing of products and services  offered by the Group and sending any updates, new products,
       special offers, advertising, promotional material and/or commercial material to you; and/or
h)    purposes connected with the operation, administration, management, development, record-keeping, contractual
       enforcement of the transaction and communication with you; and/or
i)     where required by law, where the Group consider that such use or disclosure is necessary to respond to any claims or
       legal process, or where the Group suspects that fraud or unlawful activity has been, is being or may be engaged
       in; and/or
j)    where a service and product provider, requires in order for such service and product provider to perform functions,
       obligations or services as required by the Group or under the laws, rules, regulations, by-laws and/or guidelines
       (whether or not having the force of laws) or as required by any governmental and/or non-governmental authorities,
       agencies or departments or a third party requires in order to ensure compliance with agreement(s) or document(s);
k)     for purposes of preparation and submission of any claims or payments to any party or for any audit/checks by any
       party for whatever purpose related to the Group's business; and/or
l)    making such disclosures as may be required for any of the above purposes or by law; and/or
m)    for any other purposes that is incidental or ancillary or in furtherance to the Group's purposes.

2.    We may either contact you for the purpose as set out in (B) above via telephone calls, emails, text messaging,
       post, facsimile, social media or by whatsoever form of available communication.


1.    Your Personal Data provided to us will be kept confidential but you agree that the Group may disclose and transfer (whether in Malaysia or abroad) amongst any company within the Group and/or to third parties as may be necessary or appropriate.


1.    Your Personal Data shall be stored either in hard copies in the Group's offices or stored in servers located in or outside Malaysia.

2.    Any Personal Data supplied by you will be retained by the Group as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes stated in (B) above or is required to satisfy any legal, regulatory and/or accounting requirements or to protect the Group's interests.

3.    The Group does not offer any online facilities for you to delete your Personal Data held by the Group.


1.    The Group may preserve the content of any email or "Contact us” or other electronic message that the Group receives.

2.    Any Personal Data contained in those messages will only be used or disclosed in ways set out in this Privacy Notice.

3.    The message content may be monitored by the Group's service and product providers or employees for purposes including compliance, auditing and maintenance or where email abuse is suspected.


1.    Through your use of telecommunications services to access the Group's Website, your communications data (e.g. Internet protocol address) or utilization data (e.g. information on the beginning, end and extent of each access, and information on the telecommunications services you accessed) are technically generated and could conceivably relate to Personal Data.

2.    To the extent that there is a compelling necessity, the collection, processing and use of your communications or utilization data will occur and will be performed in accordance with the Act.


1.    When you access the Group's Website, the Group may automatically (i.e., not by registration) collect non-personal data (e.g. type of Internet browser and operating system used, domain name of the website from which you came, number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages viewed).


1.    When you view the Group's Website, the Group may store some data on your computer in the form of a "cookie" to automatically recognize your personal computer next time you visit.

2.    If you do not wish to receive cookies, please configure your Internet browser to erase all cookies from your computer's hard drive, block all cookies or to receive a warning before a cookie is stored.


1.    Personal Data held by the Group will be kept confidential in accordance with this Privacy Notice pursuant to any applicable law that may from time to time be in force.

2.    Any questions, comments, suggestions or information other than Personal Data submitted to us in whatever manner (including those sent or posted in the Group's Website) will be deemed voluntarily provided to the Group on a non-confidential and non¬proprietary basis.


1.    Due to the global nature of the Group's business, the Group may transfer your Personal Data to the other members of the Group (which may be located in other countries) or to any parties located in other countries (including countries that have a different data protection regime than is found in the country where you are based). Any Personal Data transferred shall be used for the purposes as set out in (B) above and disclosed to parties stated in (C) above.


1.    If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Notice or if you wish to request access to your Personal Data or if you wish to correct your Personal Data, you may send your request in writing at the following address:

Address             : Level 13, Block A, Menara Prima, Jalan PJU 1/37, Dataran Prima, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Person in charge : Haslinda (Research Executive)
Tel No                : 603-78395555

2.    Please note that notwithstanding the withdrawal of your consent, the Group may still proceed to process your Personal Data in circumstances recognized and permitted by law and as required under the contractual conditions.


1.    You hereby confirm that you have obtained the consent from the persons and/or
companies represented by you for you to provide their respective Personal Data to us for the purposes as set out in (B) above and disclosed to parties stated in (C) above.


1.     The Group reserves the right to amend this Privacy Notice from time to time without prior notice. The Group advises that you check this Privacy Notice on our Group's website on a regular basis.

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