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A good investment – residential property has been standout investment, outperforming equities, gilts and commercial property. Finding future investment performance relative to acquiring stock at the right price (and income yield), relative to future prospect for rental and capital growth. As a general rule, property in stronger markets with better growth prospects is priced at a level that generates a lower income yield. Stock can be acquired at lower ‘investment values’ up to 30% lower, then yield is significantly more competitive when there is opportunities to buy at relatively high yield, where growth prospect are not priced into the market.



London – gross yield on vacant possession values tend to be less than 5% in central London, 5.5% in predominantly Zone 2 locations in Camden, Islington, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Lewisham, and Lambeth containing large development sites with large swathes of hidden value that can be unlocked by regeneration and investment. The regeneration of Elephant and Castle in Southwark is a classic example that brings all potential on grand scales, where future growth prospects can be driven by the stronger dynamics of the neighboring market as demand spills out. It can also depend on whether investment in transport or place are likely to improve the attraction of the lower value market, underpriced relative to their transport links and their quality of neighbourhood such as health and crime.


•       Value gaps of 20% are commonplace and, where the barriers are significant, the upside is higher if generation can lift those barriers.

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