5 Essential Checks to Verify a Malaysian Real Estate Agent’s License

The Malaysian real estate market is vast and diverse, making the role of a licensed real estate agent crucial in navigating this landscape. Whether you’re buying or selling property, ensuring you’re dealing with a legitimate and licensed agent is paramount. This article explores five key methods to verify the authenticity of a Malaysian real estate agent’s license, ensuring you engage with a professional who can reliably guide you through your property journey.

Understanding the Roles: Real Estate Agents vs. Real Estate Negotiators

In Malaysia, real estate transactions involve two primary professionals: Real Estate Agents (REA) and Real Estate Negotiators (REN). REAs are fully licensed professionals who oversee the buying, selling, or renting of properties. On the other hand, RENs work under REAs and are in the process of earning their license. Distinguishing between these roles is the first step in ensuring you’re dealing with a qualified individual.

Authority Card / ID Tag Verification

Each REA and REN is required to carry an authority card or ID tag, which includes their name, photo, identification number, REN number, firm name, firm registration number, a Quick Response (QR) code, and the BOVAEA holographic logo. Always ask to see this ID tag as your first line of verification. A genuine agent will have no hesitation in showing their credentials.

BOVAEA Registration Confirmation

The Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents, and Property Managers (BOVAEA) is the governing body that ensures real estate agents in Malaysia are properly licensed. You can verify an agent’s or firm’s registration by checking the BOVAEA website or contacting them directly. This step is crucial to confirm that you’re dealing with an officially recognized professional.

REN/REA Registration Number

In cases where an agent cannot present their ID tag, request their REN or REA registration number. This unique identifier can be verified through the BOVAEA’s online portal. Authentic agents will have their registration number readily available for verification.

Verifying the Agent's Company Affiliation

A legitimate real estate negotiator must be affiliated with a registered firm. Verify the agent’s claim by checking the firm’s name on the BOVAEA website or contacting the firm directly. This step ensures the agent is currently and officially connected to a reputable company.

Analyzing the Agent's Advertisement Details

Real estate advertisements, whether online or in print, should include the agent’s property firm e-registration number, their name, registration number, and contact details. Lack of this information in advertisements could be a red flag. If you encounter suspicious listings, report them to BOVAEA along with the advertisement’s details.

The Consequences of Engaging with Unlicensed Agents

Engaging with unlicensed agents not only poses a risk to your investment but can also lead to legal repercussions. In Malaysia, the penalties for practicing without a license are severe, including substantial fines and possible imprisonment.


Verifying a real estate agent’s license in Malaysia is a critical step in safeguarding your property investment. By following these essential checks, you can ensure that your real estate transactions are secure, legal, and conducted with the utmost professionalism. Always perform due diligence and partner with agents who are transparent, credible, and officially licensed.

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