Benefits of Becoming A Real Estate Agent (REA)

According to the statistics, there are currently more than 2,800 registered estate agents (REA) in Malaysia. While the negotiators have exceeded 39,000. The number of registered estate agents in the country is still very low and we are in severe shortage of REAs in the country. Based on population of 32 million, the ratio is about one estate agent to 11,428 Malaysians.

Some of the benefits of becoming a Real Estate Agent (REA):

  1. Authority given by the BOVAEP to practise real estate – The authorization will be monitored and granted by BOVAEP.
  2. Qualification to establish own estate agency firm – This qualification is governed and accredited by BOVAEP.
  3. Permission to recruit up to 50 RENs – This rule will be governed by BOVAEP.
  4. Able to obtain higher professional fees – The standard fee is governed by MEAS and BOVAEP rules.
  5. Take charge of own life and becoming your own boss – You can set your own work schedules and develop your client bases.
  6. Enjoy flexible working hour – Estate agent may decide their own working time and plan for their own marketing strategies.
  7. There is no retirement age – Estate agent can work for as long as they wanted and there are no limits to grow your real estate business.

You may start to develop a plan to provide yourself with the better business in the future. Hartamas Academy is partnering with UCSI College to provide Executive Diploma in Real Estate and Diploma in Real Estate Management to obtain the qualification to establish your own estate agency firm in the future. For more information, please go to

Contributed by: David Wu

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