Secrets To Be A Better Neighbour In This Brand New Year

Having a considerate and understanding neighbour is a real blessing. After a long day at work, the last thing you want is coming home to rude neighbours, loud noises thumping while you are trying to get some rest or worst-case scenario, your parking space taken up by a car which is not yours!

They say do to others as how you would them do onto you, and being a good neighbour is no different. After all, it’s not that hard to be kind to someone who you are living next to. Here are some things to watch out for and social practices we can all adapt to.

1. A greeting wouldn’t hurt

Instead of just looking down or ignoring your neighbour outright, giving a smile or nodding when you run to them at the common areas, lifts or carparks wouldn’t hurt! Better still, say hello! Costs you nothing, trust me.

2. Watch over your pets

Some condos do allow for pets to be kept, but do keep in mind that pets may make excessive noise if they are allowed to run freely. Do find out what are the house rules concerning this and please pick up after your pets and dispose them accordingly.

3. Notice your surroundings if you smoke

Only smoke at designated areas and do not litter the cigarette butts after you are done. If you are staying in a service apartment with centralised air-conditioning, there is a possibility that the smoke may seep through the A/C vents or if you are smoking at the balcony, the wind flow may carry the smoke to your neighbours’. Also do take note of neighbours who may be the elderly, children or sensitive to smoke.

4. Monitor the noise you make

During the night when many are resting, make sure you are aware of the noise you make and avoid making noise such as stomping your feet, playing your music and dragging furniture around. 

5. Follow the security protocols set

Be a responsible resident and make sure that doors at the parking lot entrances and areas such as the pool and deck, remain properly closed and/or locked at all times. Be vigilant and always be on the lookout if there are any strangers or unfamiliar people in the building. If you witness suspicious activities being carried out which may trigger an alarm, quickly report to the security personnel. 

6. Take care of your common areas

When you buy into a property, not only are you buying into your own unit, you are also one of the owners of the common areas and properties. Make sure that facilities in the common area are always used with respect. Remember that you are paying your monthly maintenance fee and any unnecessary fixtures will eventually deplete the health of your account.

7. Park at your designated spots

Remember to only park at your designated parking spot and do not park at your neighbour’s spot without permission. Imagine coming home at 10pm after work, the last thing you want is someone else doing it to you. Remind guests who are visiting to park at their designated spot too.

8. Dispose garbage and recyclable items in order

Remember to pack your disposables properly and make sure they are segregated according to their material type. When it comes to disposal of big items, check with your condo management on the way to discard the items as it may be unsightly to leave it all around without care.

Last but not least, it is important to understand that practicing good social etiquette goes a long way. It encourages harmonious and peaceful living amongst neighbours, which will eventually be benefiting you as one of the residents in the community!

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