Vacant Possession (VP) Received, What’s Next?

After waiting for what seems like an eternity, you finally receive your vacant possession aka property handover day! Woohoo! Here, homebuyers will also receive a copy of the certificate of completion and compliance (CCC) — a document issued by local authorities and endorsed by a registered member of the Board of Architects Malaysia.

It is a vital document to show that the property is completed according to the required standards and is fit for occupation.

What’s next? What about the water, electricity and gas supply? Where do we start? While most property developers would have that sorted out for you, we have compiled a list just for your ease of reference here.

1. Electricity

This is probably the most important component of your home. For brand new homes, you have to first identify your electricity load. For electricity load up to 100kVA, hire an electrical contractor from the Energy Commission, who will submit the application on your behalf.

However, for electricity load exceeding 100kVA you will need to hire an electrical consultant engineer registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia, who will submit the application on your behalf.

After the assessment is carried out, you will need to fill up forms to prove the ownership status of which you also need to pay essential charges which include the deposit, stamp duty and connection fee. Voila! Now, all you need to do is to wait for a representative from the electricity company to set up the electrical meter!

If you are buying into a sub-sale property with an existing TNB line from the previous homeowner, all you need to do is identify the electricity connection infrastructure. Show your proof of ownership and pay a stamp duty of RM 10 and a reconnection fee of RM3 for low voltage and RM80 for medium and high voltage.

2. Water

As different states have different water companies governing them, the process and documents can vary. For example, those who are residing in Selangor and using the services of Air Selangor, the owner of a new property is required to apply in person where they must submit the necessary documents at a customer service counter. However, owners of a sub-sale property who want to apply for a change of an Air Selangor account ownership can do so online.

3. Sewerage

This is only applicable for sub-sale property or if you built your own home. For new properties, the sewerage connection will already be installed prior to the delivery of vacant possession.

In Malaysia, Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd (IWK) manages the public sewerage system throughout Malaysia except in Johor Bahru, Kelantan, Sabah, and Sarawak – all of which are maintained by the local authorities.

For application at IWK, Make a copy of the first, second and last two pages of your Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA). You have the option to apply to IWK online or visit their office.

Your fee will vary depending on the type of your property and the service provided by the sewerage company.

Do note that if you own a sub-sale property that has an existing connection to the IWK system then you must apply for a change of ownership to reconnect your water supply.

4. Internet connection

In Malaysia, the three most used broadband service providers are TM Unifi, Maxis and Time Internet. You can ask for their packages online or drop into their physical store where they will assist you with the application process and installation.

5. Gas

Malaysians depend mostly on propane gas cylinders as piped gas is not yet readily available across Malaysia. For cooking, you can choose to apply for natural gas supply or liquefied petroleum gas supply. You can purchase propane cooking gas cylinders online via vendors such as Petronas, MiraGas, HaloGas and BeliGas.

[Image source: Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels]

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