5 Things Real Estate Agents Hate When Homeowners Do These

As property investors or owners, we often engage registered and experienced real estate agents to manage our properties, as they would have better knowledge and a better network to help us complete or transact a deal. Nonetheless, it can be daunting for a real estate agent to carry out their task if owners get overly excited or involved in the agent’s way, causing the agent to be unable to carry out their task effectively.

Therefore, it is best for a property owner not to interrupt an agent’s work in the process of selling or renting. Here are five things owners should take note of the next time we engage a real estate agent so that we do not go on their wrong side.

1. Leaving a messy home

They say first impressions count, and it is true. Imagine the agent pitching your home to potential clients the entire day, only for them to find out that the house is in a real mess when they bring clients for a viewing. A messy property can immediately degrade its value, regardless of its location or how much potential it may have. Please, clean your home first before any viewings take place.

2. Do not be greedy

Cool, another potential client comes into the picture and makes a higher-than-average offer. You are now tempted to hold on to the sale to further up your asking price, thinking your property may be an extraordinary one and worth more than the average transacted price for similar products. However, it is not advisable to bother your real estate agent to relist your home at a higher value without a solid reason to justify the price. Most importantly, you may end up taking a longer time to find a real buyer, which leads to a higher holding cost.

3. Being there for every viewing

It can be uncomfortable for clients to view a property with the seller around, as they may feel like intruding into the seller’s personal space. In many cases, potential clients will cut short the tour, lowering their chances of closing a deal.

4. Overpromising and under delivering

It is common for a potential buyer or tenant to ask for improvements or repairs on the property. It is also a crucial point in pushing the buyer or tenant to make the final decision. However, do not promise upgrades or repairs if you are unable to commit to them. It can cause a lot of tension between the agent and the client if you are unable to fix it as you promised.

5. Overselling your home

Sure, everyone believes their home has the highest value (most of the time) but continually overselling it will seem like a very desperate move and will likely put off any potential client. If it really has a high value, it is likely that you will need to reiterate the point to your client and they will know a good property when they see one.

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