Do We Go Low Or Go High?

As more and more homebuyers opt to stay in high buildings, one question always arises. Higher floor or lower floor units? In newly-launched high-rise residential projects, units on higher floors are usually tagged at a higher price than those on the lower levels. Does this mean that the higher floors are better units? Here are some pros and cons of living in high or low-floor units.

Pros of higher floor units

  1. Less noise: You will be less likely to hear road traffic sounds and vibrations caused by public rail transportation which can be a nuisance.
  2. Better view: Wake up to a nice overview of your surroundings especially if you are facing the seafront or those located at the coastline.
  3. Better security: Break-ins may not be as easy as thieves tend to choose the lower floors with easy accessibility to get away quickly.

Cons of higher floor units

  1. Breakdown of lifts: The most feared scenario – All lifts are down and you are living on the 20th floor. This is especially difficult if you have elderly or young children living together with you.
  2. More expensive rent: Be prepared to pay at least a 15-20% premium for higher units due to the privacy and scenic views it will command.
  3. Heat: Higher floor units are usually hotter, so be prepared to fork out more for your electricity fees.

Pros of lower floor units

  1. Cheaper units: No view but that’s ok! You get to save more than 15-20% and combined with the savings from your electricity cost due to lower heat, hey, that’s a gain!
  2. Easier accessibility: In case of a lift breakdown, you do not have to worry as you would still be able to go up and down the stairs without much hassle.

Cons of lower floor units

  1. Higher noise level: Be prepared for more noise especially if you are also facing the pool when more residents patronize the facilities over the weekend.
  2. Expensive security: You have to invest more in your home security as thieves will often target units due to easy accessibility.
  3. Pests: Lizards and cockroaches are more likely to appear in your unit as compared to the higher ones.


[Image source: Getty Images]

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