Pros And Cons Of Furnished Property

While buying or renting a fully furnished property can save up your money on furniture and allows you to settle into the new home more quickly, those properties usually have a higher asking price and rent, or the furniture or renovation style may not suit your taste.

Therefore, if you are picky about your furnishings and decorations or already have a lot of furniture, a fully furnished property may not work for you.

However, for people who are looking for a shorter-term rental or a temporary home, such as a student, first-time tenant, or homebuyer, as well as contract staff, a fully furnished apartment will be ideal for them.

If you are still unsure about which works best for you, here are the pros and cons of furnished property to help you make better decisions.

The pros:
  1. Lower upfront cost
    Moving into a furnished property, be it fully or partly furnished, will help you save on the upfront setting cost of the new place. This means that you will have more money to spend on non-essential items to make your new place more like home.
  1. Saving time
    Moving from one place to another place is a long and stressful journey. If you are open to any decoration style, pick a furnished property that will not only lighten the stress of moving into a new place but also save a lot of time settling in.
  1. Ease of moving out
    Furnished property has always been in demand, especially for someone looking for a temporary home, because it is easy to move in and move out. Packing and moving out will not be an issue to you because all you need to deal with is only the wardrobe and decoration.
The cons:
  1. Higher asking price or rental
    A furnished property typically commands a higher asking price or rental simply because nothing comes for free. In many cases, if you add up the annual extra rental fees you paid for a fully furnished unit, it often exceeds that of an unfurnished unit, where you have been buying the furniture and decorations in bits.
  1. Hidden cost
    You may not need a dishwasher but since you have one in your new place, why not use it? The higher power bill aside, if you are only renting the place and the dishwasher is not working for whatever reason, do not forget you are likely the one who pays for the repair fee, or worse scenario, you have to buy a new one before you can move out and claim your rental deposit back.
  1. Lack of sense of belonging
    Staying in a fully furnished unit means that you do not get to decide on the furniture and furnishing style and material, which may not be meeting your standards hence you do not feel a strong sense of belonging in the new place. If you are particular about the furniture quality and style, a furnished unit may not be the best option for you.

[Image source: Photo by Cyrus Chong]

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