Corner Lot, End Lot And Intermediate Lot – Choosing One Which Best Suits Your Needs

When buying a landed property, you can choose the “location” of your unit – if it’s an intermediate lot, a corner lot or an end lot. It is important to think thoroughly before deciding on which unit you want to purchase, similar to how one chooses which unit floor to buy when it comes to high-rise homes.

corner lot

Corner lot units

A corner lot is located at the intersection of two or more streets and typically offers more space and better view. With this extra space comes the potential for some beautiful and outstanding corner house designs. Typically, a corner lot house comes with a bigger land area, making them ideal for homebuyers looking for plenty of space, especially if they are gardening, as well as you need the space for younger children to run around, or even if you have pets. Due to the benefit of additional land, corner lots have a higher price point compared to the other subtypes.

However, a downside is that they tend to be targeted by thieves as their owners are believed to be well off. Unlike intermediate units, these homes are the first ones within the sight of burglars as they are also easier to steal from as some units are adjacent to a wall or walkway. If your corner unit is next to a road, you are allowed to extend your building up to the boundary of your external wall. This gives more flexibility to homeowners looking to upgrade and renovate their house.

end lot

End lot units

End lots are similarly designed properties located at the end of the housing row with no other lane that connects or intersects with that road. Given that end lots are located next to a motorway or pedestrian walkway, there is no surprise that these units have a higher probability for peeping and glancing and are usually the last unit on a row of identical-looking houses commonly called linked houses. Similar to corner lot units, they often come with a higher price tag and may not be readily available in the market due to the scarcity of the units available for a transaction.

intermediate lot

Intermediate lot units

The most common homes in the market are intermediate lot units, sandwiched between two other residential properties. Usually, homebuyers often look for an intermediate unit therefore you will have less of a hassle finding a buyer in contrast to selling a corner unit. However, a downside is definitely having your privacy pried on, and they are also equipped with fewer windows. Not only does it tend to be more warm and more humid due to the lack of ventilation, but it also looks less welcoming aesthetically as there is less natural light.

Nonetheless, one benefit it has is that it has fewer entry and exit points, making it harder for thieves to come in.

When choosing the type of home to buy, it comes to your budget and your current needs at that time. There are also ways to reduce the disadvantages possessed by these homes. For instance, if you have the extra budget to install more CCTVs and alarms if you are buying a corner or end lot unit, this will help mitigate thieves from coming in. Remember, what works for others as a home may not work for you, and vice versa.

[Image source: Google Street View]

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